Your Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) questions answered.

What are the average ceiling heights for the PCC?

Lower Level Halls 1-6

Low Steel — 32’
High Steel — 43’
Airwall Soffit — 31’

Upper Level Halls A-E

Low Steel — 35’
High Steel — 43’ – 57’ (east to west)
Airwall Soffit — 28’ – 9”

North Ballroom 120 A-D

Low Steel — 31’ – 6”
High Steel — No high steel points
Airwall Soffit — 28’ – 9”
*Must be on points, there is no steel to wrap in this space

West 301 A-D

Low Steel — 30’ – 3”
High Steel — No high steel points
Airwall Soffit — 28’ – 9”
Acoustic Drop Ceiling “Clouds” — 28’ – 9”
*10’ soffit perimeter – no rigging in soffit area

South Building

Low Steel — 27’
*Rigging in South Building is limited, please call for specific details

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Are there rigging provisions for decorators and exhibitors?

  • Banners and signs must be “dead hung”
  • Banners or signs requiring a lifting moto, chain fall, pulley or any other mechanical device will be hung by AV Concepts.
  • Air wall tracks can’t be utilized or aid in any way for hanging of signs or banners.
  • All attachments to the building are subject to safety inspection and approval by AV Concepts.
  • If AV Concepts’ rigging supervisor deems any equipment unsafe, then such equipment will not be rigged until the safety issue is corrected.

Please note that AV Concepts will charge a fee of $125 for inspection and supervision of all banner and sign installations in all public meeting spaces. They will issue quotes in an easy to order and understand format that will include labor charges and any additional rigging equipment necessary to achieve a custom solution.